Thursday, May 10, 2007

What should a Mummy do......?

Reading is great for kids, right?

Nurturing a love of books .... yeah?

Sure, I know that.....and I'm very proud of my little ones love of reading. The way he fills his pram and shopping trolley with PILES of books and follows me around the house saying.....

"Mummy, can u read me a book....., yeah.....this one.......only 5 books.....yeah
.... no six books then..."

But six becomes seven...then seven fourteen . . . and I'm embarrassed to say how many I agree to read before drawing the line and, and then there are so many books on the floor, that my voice is horse.
But, wait I have found the solution!!!
I am going to record my own voice! On to a CD! I am going to say...."turn the page"!!!
OMG why didn't I think of it before....I have a digital Dictaphone as well.

Don't get me wrong I will still read, and sit with him while he listen to the CD....but I will be able to do it with my eyes closed :)

We have read some great books lately.

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson has been a big hit and anything Mem Fox goes to the top of the pile. My little one is liking longer stories now as well, which I really enjoy reading at bed time.

Snuggled up it is nice to read for a while before flipping the page. His favorites at the moment though are the Paul Jennings, Rascal the Dragon books.

As a reward for staying at Preschool with no tears! We are off to get a new book, Mem Fox's

'Where is the Green Sheep' He was quite taken with this one, they read it at Preschool last week and it's purchase has been a great incentive to settling in at Preschool.


metal and knit said...

That is such a good book i saw it at work when i was in melbourne

knitabulous said...

I wrote a really long comment, what happened to it?

Audio Books - have you tried them? I found a website that reads stories the other day, Blair sat still for almost an hour - a feat by any means!

the stripey tiger said...

Hi Becky, We did miss you on the weekend! Hope every thing goes OK while Johnny is OS - so maybe we wont see you at snb on saturday either?? come and visit us in Berry one day if you are at a loose end. :-) Sharon

The Scarlet Tree said...

Hey Knitabulous, Sorry I hadnt clicked the moderate comments thingo for ages. Oops Should be there now:) I kept getting spam so had to mod the comments, pain in the neck.