Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sydney Writers Festival 2007

I have never been to the Sydney Writer Festival , every year I plan to go and every year there is something that causes my plans to change. BUT THIS YEAR.....I plan to see at least a few things.
This years Sydney Writers Festival looks really good as well, but when I start reading the list of speakers, workshops , events etc I get a knot the size of a rock melon in the back of my throat. Planning what to go to!!!!! Things I wanna see clash! Can't get a baby sitter on Tuesdays! Someone hand me an antacid! I realised there was a personal scheduler.... phew.... I am off toschedule!

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knitabulous said...

We love the Grufalo in our house too, we bought it for our younger niece but Blair likes it too.

Books are wonderful, and even though it is draining sometimes, you'll never regret those wonderful times when his eyes widened and he laughed at something he imagined from listening to the words on a page.

What a great mum you are.