Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Phew...Daddy's home!

A business trip to London for my partner (thank god a rarity) , has finally come to an end.
And my little one is over the moon. Little one was a perfect angel until about day six .... then he started to get a bit jack of the whole thing. With fours days left without Daddy, I tried to spice up our evenings with pizza in bed...(never again, the crumbs where a nightmare) and lunch squashed inside the fairy princess tent that granny so kindly gave him and takes up half the lounge room! I have no idea how kids sit in those tents, they are hot and airless and always seem to have a pointy piece of Lego right in the doorway where you kneel to get inside!

You feel some what like Alice in Wonderland when she gets stuck in the white rabbits house. An arm protruding from the window....and leg or two through the door, but no..... all limbs inside! The door MUST be zipped closed and the Velcro sealed!

Three is such a wonderful, yet trying age.

He told me this week, that when he is 'Old' :)
He will have a big orange truck and he will build parks! And as a side he suggested he could also make dummy's. It was the most interesting conversation, he went on to explain to me that his little friend had been telling him at preschool that his mummy and daddy both went to work each day. He was curious as to what I did for work, and looked at me with a confused little look on his soft, round face. I could help but laugh at him.

But although It was a tiring week, we had a really nice time together by ourselves!
I have a few hours to myself now ... they have gone to play at the park.


metal and knit said...

Very interesting Tonka toys and dunnys.

The Scarlet Tree said...

oh no, dummy! Perhaps I should have spelt it 'dummies'? Either way he is too old for them I know :)

the stripey tiger said...

Thank god J is back! I love your new tree banner - did you do that?? xxx Shaz

The Scarlet Tree said...

Hey Stripey! I did make the banner. I built the the little scene in Second Life and took a photo of it! Then I photoshoped-it.
I was really excited that it worked!