Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sitch n Bitch Exhibition 2007 - A STITCH IN TIME

Fruit by Kate and Cherry Pie by Knitabulous

Better late than never, here are a few pictures of this years Stitch n Bitch exhibition. Everything looked really wonderful and many of the knitted pieces were focased around the shabby chic theme that was chosen for this years exhibition.

My little boy tugged on the bottom of my shirt and asked me for one of these ....

Cookies and Cupcakes by The Stripey Tiger (she has a free pattern for them too!!)
Doughnuts by Anoymous

His little mouth dropped open with genuine suprise and with a somewhat coy little grin when I told him they were made of wool :)

Being a slow knitted, and so easily distracted....I only manged to get two items in the exhibition; the little shug in the post above and my Irish hiking scarf.

(It is there amoungst the sea of colours, but it is easier to see in the image below)

It is knitted from 100% Alpaca and is so soft and warm.

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