Thursday, March 29, 2007

One Skein Wonder with a Ribbon

Ok, it was a cold day last week and my breath fogged up the lens:)

But it is a pretty effect hey!

These a a few pictures of a OSW (One Skein Wonder) that I finished a few weeks ago for my niece, it was a bit big for her so I added some ribbons to stop it from slipping off her shoulders. It feels lovely, it is a Karabella yarn I think,(but I am not sure) It's a lovely cotton/wool blend. I will make more of these for sure, I loved knitting the pattern.


Anonymous said...

I liek the cold lens effect! Very pretty shrug and looks like it would be soft too!

Pal O'Yours

Donyale said...

Yep - here's the link

It looks lush!

Anonymous said...

I really like the look of your blog .. the changes are relaly nice (do you like lighthouses? Is the lighthous local to your area?)
Just me, your ISE4 pal, trying to find out more information about you!

Take care!

Pal O'Yours

the stripey tiger said...

I see your pal has been lurking - great! It looks like Jat to me. :-)

Mira said...

That's a pretty shrug!!

The Scarlet Tree said...

Thanks Mira!
Oh my Pal has been Lurking:)
I do like lighthouses actually, Pal. I live on the South Coast adn there is two in the local harbour. But I am hoping to change the picture to a Scarlet Tree one day:)

wendy said...

The shrug is wonderful - I know one or two little girls who would love one of those for the summer evenings here in England....will have to check the pattern out...