Saturday, September 30, 2006

Stitch n Bitch (and some new good stuff)

Stitch n Bitch today, a few glasses of chardonnay and not much knitting I'm afraid. I ended up frogging back more than I knitted!

I got some good bargins from Donni though! Some cotton/wool mix that I am thinking I might over dye tomorrow. Donni suggested it would be good for a Clapotis and I am thinking that she could be right!

And an orange mix of all sorts of nice stuff! These will be very handy when trying out some of the flowers in this book that I bought from Donni last SnB.

And I have to say I will now be joining Ruby Girl on a yarn diet!


metal and knit said...

Well I guess its like someimes we are good and very very good and othertimes even if we turn our back it still attacks us and well it comes to live with us

Donni said...

nothing like a few glasses of chardy to help with stash enablement.