Friday, October 06, 2006

A time to write... I'm up to 30,010 words!

My little one just said to me, "bye mum". And off he went to play in his room. This is a little boy who has refused to leave my side for the last six months! So I have brought my laptop downstairs and with one ear tuned to every bump and thump above me, I am about to printout my novel and have a look at it on paper before embarking on the next part........

A little voice just called out. "Mummy, you down there?" ... He is gone again. It is lovely listening to him play his little games :)

Anyway, I did a word count today of 'Lucian' and I am up to 30,010 words! WOW.

I am looking forward to the day it becomes a complete manuscript.
An story in its entirety, to be read as a clean narrative. Johnny is my reading guinea pig and he is very supportive of my writing , and reads it over and over with a furrowed brow.
At my current rate, I am hoping to have the novel finished to first draft stage by Christmas. WELL THAT'S THE PLAN.


the stripey tiger said...

Well done!! When you're published i'll know two authors! :-)

April's Blog said...

Congratulations on 30,000 words. Sounds like you're almost there. Enjoy this time -it's the best when you don't have deadlines or anyone to answer to. You want to know something funny? There's an Aussie in the book I'm writing now - he's a juggler in NYC. Also, I just bought knitting needles and yarn. Weird, huh?

The Scarlet Tree said...

Quite! And not dissimilar to juggling sometimes either:)

knitabulous said...

Oh good luck, I hope you finish your draft by Christmas. New blog is good too, much more you.