Friday, September 29, 2006

80 Words & To Dump a Character?

Oh dear, I have only written 80 words today, better than a kick in the pants though I suppose. It's almost time for little one to wake up too.

Anyway, the 80 words were a new beginning for a story. More a voice I suppose than a full on novel idea. But a voice that really appeals.

My novel, that for all intensive purposes I simply refer to as 'Lucian', has come to a bit of a structural crunch point. I feel that I really need to stop now and leave it a week and then come back to it with fresh ears.

I'm beginning to obsess a bit about one of the characters. I am thinking of completely dumping him from the whole novel. His name is Tein and although I like his character, he annoys me. Every time I read over the bits that he is in, I think to myself, "What the hell are you doing in here" Dumping a person from a story is always a bit difficult.

They disrupt the space time continuum!

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