Monday, August 28, 2006

Curiouser and Curiouser! (and 'The Green Piper')

I love kids books and young adult fiction.
And don't even get me started on young peoples fantasy movies - you can't get me away from the T.V when Alice in Wonderland or Wind in the Willows is on! (only the original wind in the willows though- the cartoon animation did nothing for me I'm afraid)

Lately I have been thinking a lot about a young adult, fantasy fiction novel called, 'The Green Piper' that I read it in my early teens.
It was a book on my mum's reading list for Uni.
She was doing an Australian children's Literature subject at the time, and my sister and I had to go to a lot of the lectures with her because they were after school. I loved going to uni with her, we spent most of our time doing homework or drawing pictures of the lecturers, but I did listen to the ones about the books I had read. Then mum would take us to an eatery (which is no longer there) upstairs from the uni book shop, and we would chat about books or films she was studying. I loved it.

Though I can't really remember what happens in the book , (it was about 16 years ago!)
I have often thought about lots of the books she studied- they made such an impression on me. I am going to have to dig out the 'The Green Piper' and read it again. Hell, maybe I should go back you uni and do that subject! (I don't think I'm joking?) But, it is so different there now. My sister is a tutor in the english Department and I went to pick her up today. It is so crowded, parking is horendeous and classes a much bigger now.

Anyway, I'll read it again and tell whether it lived up to my memory of it.

Another one, also by Victor Kelleher, that really stuck with me is a Bailey's Bones. This was a fantastic book. He really is an amazing author.


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knitabulous said...

I love your changed blog - if you didn't change it I would never have known that one of my friends was writing a novel, went to uni as a child with her mother, loved fantasy fiction (my house creaks with the weight of fantasy fiction novels from my husband - you must look next time you're over). The things you learn about people on their blogs - much more personal than the surfact chitchat you have over coffee.