Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lace Swap Parcel!

A few days back, my Lace swap parcel arrived in the mail from lyndsey at
(I couldn't post right away because the camera wouldn't charge properly...Blasted thing)
It is a gorgeous parcel! .

Firstly 1260 yards of Zephyer lace yarn...The most beautiful ruby colour (exactly the shade I would have chosen myself :)
And the Fiddlesticks pattern 'Lily of the Valley Stole' and some lovely sharp 3.5mm needles

AND.... The Fall issue of Interweave Knits magazine, I loved reading through this. I haven't had a copy of this mag before, and I really enjoyed reading it.

Thanks .....

Also, a big bag of lollies and chocolate....yum
And even something for my little boy, a 'Cars' pez machine and lollies. He was very pleased with his pressie! He saw it on the table only moments after opening his eyes from a nap and rushed over.

Thanks Lyndsey!


MsLindz said...

I'm so glad you liked everything! :o)

metal and knit said...

you certainly did well