Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thank Goodness!

Little wriggle bum has been in our bed allllll week! We had to sand the walls in his room before we could paint it, and finally today it is being painted. So, come Monday, he will be back in his own bed! (fingers crossed and as long as the air is now still painty)

He wants one wall blue, one wall pink, one orange and one red!!
Ok, the colours will look horrible together! But I am going let him pick four colours. (Am I crazy!) But I might try to talk him into ones that will match a bit better.

So, It's off to the hardware store now. (I will post a pic of the result when it is done)

On Knitting:
I joined this today! I saw it on Stripey's blog and went straight off to join.
I have been really enjoying knitting cables - perfect!

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