Saturday, January 14, 2006


This is going to be 'The Year of Organisation' ....... and where better a place to start than with the wool and fiber baskets!
Well how much wool is too much wool?
I am no yarn purist. I have to admit Zivago is a personal favorite, and I don't spend a great deal on wool because I don't expose myself to the temptation.
So, perhaps while this is the year of organisation, it could also perhaps be the year of oddballing?
If I have hardly any stash then I would be so very justified in bying those skeins of silk, fine merino and cashmere that I drool over on the net.
Next on the agenda... The plan is to combine my office and bead/wool/fiber room to make a play room for my boy; mainly so the toys stop ruling the lounge room, but also so we can set up all the people and the animals to play with. (I love toys)
Basicly I am going to be really, really organised - while I'm on a role I am off to do some filing and paper pushing while little one drifts off to sleep

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