Sunday, January 15, 2006

On the Knitting Front.

I have just scrolled back and realised that I have never shown any of my knitting! How very, very silly of me. I love knitting but am quite slow and have the unravel all the time- although I have just, in this last two weeks, learnt to 'Frog' back my work rather than just pulling it all off the needles, which have be a real relief as you can imagine.
The other reason I have got much knitting done is cause I have been a bit 'spin happy' of late. I only bought my lovely spinning wheel from Donni, when she upgraded her wheel, about six months ago -and ever since I have been experimently like a mad fiberholic.


I have several projects hanging over from last year that I need to get a wriggle on and finish.

First on the list is this stripey vest for my boy. (I stopped knitting cause he got all tall and skinny and I though that I had made it way too big)

But now he is almost 2, so I better get going, or it will be too small!

This is the back, I just have the shaping left on this panel.

It is Zviago (prob spelt wrong) yarn and its the first striped project that I have knitted and I have really enjoyed knitting it.

The organising on the homefront went so well today.

Dust and dirt

Cobwebs that float

Obsolete knick - knacks

Will I - or won't

Hoard it , or chuck it

or give it away.

Put it in a box and decide another day.

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