Thursday, January 05, 2006

A little bit of Beads

Beads in the wool - I decided to thread them on as I was spinning this time, I think it is going to work much better than my last beaded yarn effort. Some of the beads are actually small pendants so I am not sure if they will be just way to heavy, they are all Swarovski crystals and so aren't super light - and the singles needed to be quite thin too to be able thread the beads on.
Oh, its adult mohair by the way, with a few bits of this and that, that I could resist throwing in.
The red mohai is blended with a silk/merino blend.

This a single spun with a bit more of the same

purple mohair blended with some Alpaca

and Kid mohair. I spun it just as a sample to see

before I did a whole skein. I actually chucked it

in the washing machine when it was finished. I

thought that Donni said that she does that

with her slubby, but I got it all wrong....

But I came out fine, luckily!! I'll swatch it before I spin more but I quite like it I think.

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the stripey tiger said...

The crystals look great! Imagine a shawl dripping with them. (hey that gives me an idea....) Thanks for spinning at your place the other night, sorry I couldnt stay as long as usual. I would have liked to knot with your mum. I've watched the first trek ep - fun fun.. I like your idea of a project from kerry although i can just see my self never managing to do it...:-) Stripey