Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Where do the Blogs live?

I have been scrolling through lists of blogs recently: just wandering around blogsville, and I noticed lots and lots of blogs discussing the purpose, and the personal and social role of blogs.
It got me thinking, I jokingly call it 'blogsville or 'blogland' as I have seen others do. But the community that is created by people such as myself, wandering around, make 'blogsville' as a place; real. People meet and chat and spend time discussing ideas and personal pursuits in a way that they generally wouldn't get to. And perhaps in more detail and revealing more personal information due to the largely anoymous nature of blogs.
Of course the blogs live on some huge server somewhere in a big computer room full of wires in airconditioned rooms that smell of ozone. But the community exists nonetheless, this considered I couldn't help but wonder wheather blogging is a social or anti-social pursuit. As I type this, my husband is watching a startrek next to me and my podling is asleep in the middle. Perhaps, it is a bit of both; but I am thinking that perhaps it is largely anti-social? Either way, finding a happy medium is surely the key. I imagine that some might find themselves trapped in blogsville (addicted to blogging), finding solice in the neat and tidy place of the digital, rather than the real world. There is something very satisfying in veiwing a neat, finished blog, complete with a picture or two.
I have enjoyed keeping this blog; it is not strictly about beading, spinning, knitting or writing, and I really look forward to a stroll into the digital nether regions of Blogsville
every now and then.
But why do I blog? Because I like to put the pretty pictures of my work up to look at.
(And my major was photography and I like taking pictures) Its really very self-indulgent; It is like the visual journals that I was forced to keep all through my Fine Arts Degree and Tafe; mine were always messy and unorganised but very nice book objects at the end of the year
I have to admit and I became quite attached to them.
I see this blog in some what the same light- as a visual journal - It helps to set the creative jelly.

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pattacake said...

I've just been strolling through some of your old blogs (I should be working) and I really liked this one, very thought provoking.