Sunday, January 29, 2006

Too loose!

I have been busy tying up loose ends, finishing knitting projects and plying off bobbins that I just left there - not sure what I wanted to do with them.

This one is the black Alpaca Tops that I got from Kurrawa Alpacas. And it was devine to spin, (but I underspun it all to hell) I was so scared of making it rope-ish.

And just a few pics of the really lovely fiber that Kerry, our spinning guru, gave me for xmas.
Its Polwarth rovings and was really lovely to spin, it felt almost spongy between my fingers. Again a little under spun, but not too bad cause it ended up so soft and lofty. I plyed it with some
shiny rayon thread and added some bits of silk ribbon here and there.

Isn't it the most tangy, lovely orange! I think I will do a scarf - but I still have some projects to get fiished.

  1. My little ones vest -backs done.
  2. My sisters feather and fan scarf, that knitabulous kindly frogged back for me at SnB on Saturday. I am knitting it in the hand spun Alpaca above and I cant see the mistakes for the life of me, (I'm crappy at un-knitting at the best of times -But this its my first lace pattern and the handspun is a bit lumpy) Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.
  3. And my mothers pressie - which I can't talk about cause so might drop by the blog :)


Donni said...

I'm liking the Orange Fanta!

knitabulous said...

You're more than welcome!