Tuesday, February 07, 2006

1st Slubby Efforts

This 1st Slubby effort is o.k I think, Its plenty stable enough to knit and soft too. I love the colours, but the bits of soy silk I added went a bit webby across the blocks of colour. I enjoyed spinning it as well- man it spins up quickly!
I haven't done too much spinning lately though, I have an odd little knuckle injury that I suspect is craft related- no pain no gain? I dunno, I have to get some physio give it a rest for a while.

One of my nicest spinning feats I think so far, is this skein I did when I first started. It was my second skein I did and really feels nice as well. Isn't is funny how that happens sometimes, your early efforts with some craft or art often have something that you lose in late work.

I need to go photograph the scarf that ended up a neck warmer...


Donni said...

That was nice tonight - good to catch up! I like the black and white too!

Jenni said...

I 2nd the black and white sample...I'm Jenni from the Knit the Classics Blog Ring by the way.