Saturday, December 31, 2005

Xmas Was Great ! (Check out the silkworms)


We had a great Christmas, although my boy changed into a naughty little xmas elf, and didn't change back into my little angel until, well really, today.

He got a playhouse tent and tunnel that now fills the loungeroom.
(What was I thinking? But he loves it!)

And I got a drumcarder!
An Inwood Smith fitted with handcard cloth for finer fibers like Alpaca, silk and Mohair.
I been playing with it every chance I get.

Our silkworms, (in a week and a half) have grown very fat.
My little one has been so gentle with them, I'm suprised at how careful he has been.
One died though, so maybe he squished one a bit hard. :(

They have been lots of fun!

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