Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bit of a Dreary start to Spring

But the garden likes the rain,

As do the vegetables...


Oh said...

Ah, look at your place, just coming into spring, right? what a lovely delicate (the first one) photo you snapped! I bet the kiddies are delighted to be outdoors, but then it never gets really awfully cold and snowy where you are, does it? I don't know.
Our company has an office in Newcastle, and I visit there. We always talk about it.

Anyway, enjoyed the photos, hope the writing is going well and always good to hear from you!

oh said...

Dear Scarlet, it's two days past Christmas Day but the beauty of it all pervades and the entire family is on vacay and how funny that we are cheering the snow that has fallen while you are in the midst of summer bliss!

Happy holiday wishes to you and yours!