Saturday, October 03, 2009

Dinner Party? Fun or Nightmare?

I love dinner parties.
I watched a few episodes of a British TV show called 'Come Dine with me' on the cooking channel, this evening. Four people take turns at hosting a dinner party, and the best host wins 1000 pounds.

The contestants are rude, obnoxious and ungrateful toward one another. And they cloak their 'constructive criticism', in a rather moth eaten air of either 'high society regality' or in some cases, sheer vulgarity! And they are the fussiest eaters I have ever seen! But the commentary is nothing short of HILARIOUS.

I was so excited when one episode after another came on... I loved it.

I'm going to plan a dinner party....I am....and I will give y'all a running commentary of my plans a test dishes!

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