Thursday, September 10, 2009


I went to see a play called 'Elling' on Saturday.
It was fantastic. I can't say that I have seen a 'really good' play in some time, not for any lack in going.
It is about two men who have lived together in an asylum for some time, they get released and move into an apartment together. The play follows their reintegration back into the 'real' world. Their story is complex, as are the characters - and there is something delicate about this story, something fragile that really appealed to me. The play was based on a Norwegian book and film of the same title. I am really keen to have a look at the film now and see what is gained or perhaps lost in the transition.

I felt absolutely sucked into the story, I found myself sitting in my comfy red chair, wanting these two odd men to find a pocket in this strange world, that would fit them.

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Oh said...

I am intrigued, now, but your deftly concise review of the play. I am, of course, tempted to ask if everything turns out all right but maybe I'll see the film.

I'm thinking that watching it from a comfy red chair is perfect, too. Everyone deserves a comfy chair, a comfy place.

Hey, hope your writing is going well!