Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A parcel finally acknowledged...and an apology.

Before I write anything...I must apologise for the terrible delay in writing this post. So, I am sorry Heddy.

The last couple of months have been a roller coaster to say the least. One thing after another!!!!
But finally life seems to be smoothing out...not quite flat :) But at least some of the creases have ironed themselves out. But alas, I am yet to acknowledge and thank my International Scarf exchange Pal....we thought for a little while that the mail between Canada and Australia had failed us, but then! I opened the PO box and there was a big red Canada flag sticker peering out from the box :) And I was so excited...all the little gift were wrapped individually is tissue paper and inside each little gift a wonderful selection of goodies!!

The most exciting of the goodies was this....

My scarf!

It is really lovely and nice and long as well.....exactly my sort of colors too!

And in the other little wrapped pressies, there were Chicken Bone Lollies...a really yummy cinnamon sweet, Maple good. I remember these from my childhood. I was born in Canada and my father use to bring these home from his trips back there.

And Canada pins, a gorgeous deck of playing card from her town , notepad!!! and ...............

Thank you Heddy for a wonderful ISE4 and a gorgeous scarf!


Donyale said...

Very noice - might I say - and lucky too (my "pal" didn't bother, either with contact or scarf) the colours of the scarf.

I am sure you have been busy - can't wait to catch up (but not tonight - it's next week).

Heddy said...

I am glad that everything arrived safe and sound! It was fun getting to know you during the swap. I will keep reading your blog to see how things are going with you. I've enjoyed reading your posts.