Thursday, August 23, 2007

A recipe for natural oven cleaning!

I have been trying to avoid chemicals in my house lately. I suppose it is a reaction to the all the environmental issues in the world but also perhaps because of my pregnancy.

Oven Cleaner

Yesterday I really wanted to clean the oven. (As you do :) But I am terrified of oven cleaner, (my mum always told me it was nasty stuff)

I sprinkled bi-carb soda all over the oven door with some vinegar to make it bubble and started to scrub. It wasn't working so well, so I tried some lemon juice. All the grease dissolved really quickly....I was so pleased that I had cleaned it with no chemicals and my little one was safely able to help, we used the cut lemon halves to do the scrubbing and made a bit of a game out of it.
And the oven smells nice too.

We often make witches brew in the back yard with bi-carb and cut the lemon on the rocks, so he was already a bit of a pro:)


Heddy said...

what a clever way to clean your oven ! I never would have thought of that ... I hate oven cleaner (scares the bejeepers out of me!)

knitabulous said...

beck, that's what I use on the health grill - cuts the grease better than any alkali - I also make a potion in various strengths of vinegar, water and eucalyptus oil (the double d is better than bosito's but hard to get now). I use the potion on everything - windows, floorboards, tiles, mirrors. It's great and smells wonderful.

Anonymous said...

This also is great for cleaning shower recesses and bath tubs. Sprinkle bi-carb on the bottom of the shower (paying close attention to the grout) and using vinegar in a spray bottle, spray till your hearts content. It doesn't need scrubing, just give a quick rinse. It's healthy for you and the environment.