Thursday, July 12, 2007


We are pregnant - 11 weeks and feeling horrible!

My little boy is so excited!

I have felt so horrible though - nausea most of the day. My mum has been taking my three year old at some point every single day! She has helped enormously!!!

My little boy has also been wonderful! He has been giving me the most lovely little shoulder massages :)
Of course his little fingers don't massage very hard but they are so relaxing, the softest little warm fingers - they really take the tension away.

I have my fingers crossed that the nausea will go away by week twelve like it is suppose to, but I had no such luck the first time around.

Anyway, some new baby WIPS to show next post.


Heddy said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news! (the baby part, not the nausea part!)
Your little fella is a really sweet little boy, tending to Mommy's sore muscles ... he will be a great big brother.

Congratulations, and I hope the nausea passes soon -- hurray a new baby!

Donyale said...

Yahoooooo! Congrats.

Ruby Girl said...

Congratulations, that is wonderful news.