Monday, July 16, 2007

A little boy at Preschool...and some character sketches

Preschool started back today after the school holidays and for the first time I actually feel relaxed. I have been busy listening to pod casts. I managed to sketch one of the pivotal, but not main, characters in my new novel - for which I might add I have finished the outline for. My little boy actually finished off the plot for me! What A wonderful little man :)

I told him a slightly less scary version of the story and he was really taken with the idea...he then had a dream about the characters and he dreamt a really great way to tie up the ideas and close the story. I was so impressed, if i get it published (my fingers are always crossed :)) I will be acknowledging him!! for sure!

I like to sketch my characters, it help to create them in my mind. At Art school and uni, my style was always quite abstract. Real life and naturalistic drawing and painting never came easily to me. My majors were in photography and sculpture, and even then sculpture and textiles where always more my forte. But none the less I will show you my little sketch:)

This is a character who becomes more important as the story progresses; she is part of her landscape, she blends with it and is never seen, in the book, away from her dwelling.

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will 'o the whisp said...

Gorgeous Picture.