Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Better late than never....An Exhibition goes well!

Well, I haven't yet posted any pics of my Tzarina Wrap.
It was hung in our SnB group exhibition held a few weeks back. I was happy with the result of the wrap. However, I knitted it in Cleckheaton Country Silk 8ply and Zhivago together, (although the pattern called for a bulky sort of handspun), and the Zhivago sort of draped it up a bit too much, it has stretched a bit as a result. Oh well, it still looks lovely on.

He it is, still on the needles.

And TA DA!!!

At the Exhibition (you can just see the really lovely cardy that mum knitted; it's browny tones, next to the blue cardy.

And the wrap on the buff plastic bloke.
(The pic above is a closer colour match)

Not much blogging time of late, I have been so busy. The little one keeps me on my toes - but
(touch wood) he has gone to sleep at 7.30pm two nights in a row now! Yippy Yay!!!
I have a few project on the go ...I will have to take some photos for the next post.

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the stripey tiger said...

Excellent re 7.30 sleeps!!! I might see u tomorrow at playdaze. :-)