Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Almost finished...

I have almost finished the short scarf/neck warmer for my sister. It was a pain to knit, as I knitted it from underspun (courtesy on myself) Alpaca. And I was very delicate in spots. I wouldn't rush out to spin Alpaca a again, even winding it up from the bobbin I could tell it wasn't going to wear well!

I have to just do a scalloped edge for the other side. (It is a simple Feather and Fan Stitch)

I didn't photograph well though

Buttons! My sister really likes this Swarovski button. (It is very stunning on the black) I am thinking that it will be much too heavy for the fabric now. We will see.

IT IS VERY VERY WARM!!!! Its lucky she is a bit of a cold blooded creature.

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