Monday, March 27, 2006

Check out this site...It is really good!

It is a listing of a huge range of yarns with all there specifications.

I have been struggling with the whole, lace weight, Aran weight, fingering weight thing! It has really been bugging me of late.... Really, really, really bugging me! But the site can search by yarn weight!! How cool is that!

There is a comments and yarn review spot, (to review and comment on yarns of course).

Anyway, I was just off to buy 3 lovely balls of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, when I came across this site. All the comments suggested that it doesn't wear well (pills and sags!)Which I realise is a common problem with luxury fibers, but Debbie Bliss yarn is quite dear and well regarded too.
I wouldn't have thought to consider how it wears (I am a bit of a yarn amateur mind you)
But, I did find that when I was spinning the alpaca and the baby alpaca, it kind of fuzzed up and lost its nice soft definition very quickly.

A good, soft and stable wool hard to beat hey...

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