Friday, March 17, 2006

Little Vest and Some Bad News

I have managed to get one side of my little fellas vest finished. (I seems Toooooo long next to the back peice Eeekk)
I will have to go back and measure but I think I am going to have some frogging to do!
And I know, my mother keep s telling me, the other side should be on a stitch holder. But that would require a tiny bit on planning and I have been run off my feet this week.

I seems the more we play the less my little darling sleeps = very tired mummy.

We went over to Stripey's house this morning for a play and had lovely time eating green St Patricks's Day doughnuts and tea. Then we had to rush away to go to the osteopath.

He said I should give spinning a miss for a month or two! The bits and peices in my 1st knuckle have rotated and gotten all jammed up (Really hurts). Oh man, just what I needed .
Maybe I will be able to just limit my spinning time a little more - I'm sure my two year could help with that :)

Dang hey!

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the stripey tiger said...

Oh No that's really bad news!! I some times get a sore hand but I just stop and rest when that happens or try to change my hands over bit -I'm not much good pinching and drafting with my left - getting better though. He didnt say you had to stop knitting too did he?? :-) Stripey