Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bit more Spinning...

This is the corridale I got as fleece ages ago. I spun it and didn't get round to setting the twist until the weekend, it turned out well balanced, despite having though I was overspinning.

I Navajo plyed it. I have started knitting a hat on Sunday afternoon and it seems to be the nicest handspun to knit with that I have spun thus far; which is exciting!
It still has a bit of wool fat in it though, so it isn't that easy to frog...

I am wishing that I had dyed it before winding it up into a ball though . . . I think all the different grays would have dyed well. I might have to wind it all back into a hank. Decisions, Decisions!

I have lots of Knitting and Beading pictures to post next week, I have come to the end of one of those multi-project cycles where all ends seem to be weaving in together (excuse the pun), and I haven't really got round to taking any progress pics along the way either.

A bit and this and a bit of that, all coming to fruition in one foul swoop - one fruitful harvest - one divinely crafted lump... Well, not all divine, I assure you, but I am sure you get the idea.

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Donni said...

It looks lovely, soft and, clean! ;)