Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Little bit o' cotton

Bit of cotton spinnin'.
My first try at cotton spinning.

It was so hard to spin the cotton thicker at first, then I couldn't seem to get it nice and thin.

Fickle Fiber I tell you...the cotton has (as I was told it would be) been more challenging to spin than some of the other fibers I have experimented with, because the draft was sooooooo short.

The singles have seemed to have evened out a little now and I am just trying to work out if I am over spinning or under spinning. (Prob both!)

To tell the truth I don't think I will be knitting this, i'm glad I gave it a try though. It is kinda hard, maybe overspun but it could never ever compare to commercial knitting cotton and so really isn't worth the effort I think.

But, enough of that, I think I will Navajo ply this lot off and call it day for the cotton spinning and put it in the; "I tried that box but won't again box". Here's a pic of it on the bobbin.

And here is a little pic of the first spun sample.

1 comment:

Donni said...

Is nice and purdy! Looked like it fairly flew of your fickle fingers....Did Dad do good with the Loom?