Saturday, December 10, 2005

Wool Washing and the Blasted Neps!!

Neps, Neps in my Corridale grey fiber!
Sound a bit like nits really, and likely more annoying (Although I've never had nits, so who am I to say)
I spoke to our very own Spinning guru the other day, Kerry, and she informed me that the neps (the frustrating little lumpy bits in the carded fiber - like tiny little knots I suppose- are caused when the long staples of fiber are carded and the fibers snap. Leaving little bumpy knotty bits.

I have to admit though, I can be a bit of a fussy one. And now I have the fine toothed dog comb bushing them all out. Oh well, I will have to be more careful with those really long staples that I thought were the best ones in the bunch with the next lot I wash.
Here are the photos of the Kid Mohair
I have finally finishing washing it all!
It was quite thick with red dirt, and I must say I have been slow to finish preparing it
It was full of dandruff. Yuk!
I washed some of it in Napisan, which was fine (although it says on the bottle dont use on wool!, and the rest in dishwasing liquid.
Neither seemed better really, but the napisan definatly made it whiter

But it spun up beautifully, (with no neps or nits) It has a wonderful lustre.

I will probably dye the hank, once it is plyed.

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the stripey tiger said...

Revolting!!! I am never spinning goat!! Or dog for that matter regardless of the 'luxury' reputation of the fibre!! :-)