Friday, December 16, 2005

Why is it?

Why is it, that when you are so busy to don't have time for lunch, there is always a spot (or a chunk ) of time for Spinning, or Knitting or Beading (or all three)?

I have no idea, but I spent this last week literally running from place to place and still managed to :

  1. Have a go at the Navajo plying that Stripey Tiger explained to me the other day.
  2. Then ply off two hanks of the dandruffy Kid Mohiar (that feels divine!) One hank much more successful than the other
  3. Ply off and dye a hank of Corridale
  4. And spin and ply and lovely hank of black Alpaca (A little overspun as I haven't used Alpaca before-still lovely and knittable though)

Here is the Corridale in the dye pot, (mums good at dying- she helped, and she scrubbed the dye off the kitchen bench for me as well!)

I'm really happy with how it came out hanging it over the skewer and all! (Have to give mum credit for the idea)

SHHhh, Don't disturb the twist!

The Kid Mohair feels wonderful, I think my Navajo plying was a little loose though?

I really want to knit this!

But I'm scared to wind it up, I just want to

cuddle it!!

Anyway, I went a bit picture happy today.

Have a good Christmas everyone and great new year everyone!

(PS: That third little hank is the extra corridale I had left over not the Alpaca.

And I used Landscapes dye- Slate)


the stripey tiger said...

WOW!! You have been busy - 2006 is going to be my year of dyeing!! Where did you buy your dyes? Hey well done with the navajo plying from that very basic description you did well!! :-)

The Scarlet Tree said...

Donni sells the Gaywool dyes and I got the Landscape ones from Petlins Spiining Supplies (But I have seen those on eBay).
To tell the truth I think now, It was dye that I was allergic to not the mohair! (Apologies to mohair)
Next time I dye, I'm going to get the Createx dyes from Judy Burke, cause they are Non-Toxic

knitabulous said...

TOXIC?? OMG, I dye my yarn and then make spaghetti bol in the same pot on the same night. Is that bad?