Sunday, January 10, 2010

I have a secret!

I can't seem to stick to the one story. I stop, I write and I move on.

It's almost like a "fear of narrative commitment"! It has to STOP.

I have decided to try a new strategy. I am going to keep the whole world of my story a secret. All my characters and narratives and places...all secret. I won't even be telling my husband.

It seems that once I tell...the story just - floats away -

No more!

It is my new years resolution and it is so bloody hard! I hate secrets and I hate surprises.

There is a sort of agony in suffering alone with these characters. It is my duty, sometimes, to play havoc with their lives- let them fall of the proverbial edge, and not even extend a hand to catch them.

But it is also wonderful, like having imaginary friends all over again. I often wonder, do other people think in imagined narratives throughout the day? About characters that they haven't met and places they haven't been?

Anyway, shhhhh. I'm not telling a scrap! And this one will be finished my years end, so help me!


Ruby Girl said...

Good on you for keeping it all to yourself. I hope to be able to read a book you have written in the future.

knitabulous said...

I'm not a great fan of the suprise or the secret either.

I think this is a good idea though - you have to write it fast so you can finally tell people what it's about!

Among Amid While said...

Absolutely, keep it under your hat! It's the only way to keep it at all! As for 'Do other people think in imagined narratives...' *whistles, looks away*