Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A bite of writing...

I have never posted any of my own writing on this blog. But I am often curious about what other writers are writing, when they are not blogging.

So here is a bite from my novel in progress:

I held onto James’ hand tight, pigs grunting, a fuzz of voices and animal cries; symphonies under the monotonous clang of the blacksmiths hammers. The narrow passageways between the stalls were crammed with barrels of ale and wooden crates filled with dusty ducks and cranky geese. I felt a surge of excitement ripple through me whenever we came here. I loved to look at the beautiful ladies in their dresses of fine fabrics; green and gold and even some of the ladies from the court dressed in silks as red as blood and shiny like the skin of a polished apple. They walked differently to me, I tried to stand taller – to move my hips, one pushed forward and then the other but my flat brown shoes felt clumsy and my hips were narrow and skinny.


Raven Blackly said...

That sounds really interesting. It makes you want to read more.

Oh said...

This is a delight to see some of your work! I so easily get pulled into "story." I wondered what you might be working on. Historical? What fun...keep going. And know you have readers here anytime!

Oh said...

How's it going with the story? I know you're moving into spring (as we go into Fall -- brrrr!) and you'll likley be out and about even more with the little ones!
Of course if you wanted to share more of your story, that would be great.