Friday, August 07, 2009

Banana Heart Summer - A fantastic Book

I am loving this book!
I am just a short way in so far, but I am more hooked at the beginning of chapter two than I have been with a book - since, OMG I don't know when!
The novel is by Merlinda Borbis and tells the story of a young Filipino girl living in a poor neighbourhood with a violent mother.
The rich and delicious language, evokes a real sense of the heat and the sensuality of the small tropical town. The prose drips with the flavours and smells of the food that shapes 12 years old Nenita's world.
It is published by Murdoch Books.

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Oh said...

Your high praise of the writing, a great cover and the mood to hit the bookstore combine to say "get this one." Will check it out, thanks!