Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some finished Knits to Show

This my little girl wearing her Anouk, a pattern from Knitty. It was knit out of a cotton/bamboo blend. But I can't remember which. I made this while she was still in the tummy. It was the smallest size, but I made it a bit longer.

Check Spelling

The front, little poser!

This one is my most recent FO, it is the One Skein Wonder Shrug from Glampyre Knits. I used Cleckheaton Country Naturals and the smallest size. It is going to stretch I think, so it will fit for a Looooong time :)


See that tiny red dot in the distance, barely! We were busy putting the baby shoes, onto baby feet and my son said he was just going to have a little look at the grapes. we realised they were a long way away and so said, sure just go down the hill a little way and come back (We were going to visit a local winery) and when we called out he didn't answer! My heart sunk in my chest and I ran so fast I probably looked like an athlete! (Ha! I wish) And he had gotten 1/2 a kilometer away in the time it took me to lace her shoes.
Isn't that a scary thought!


Oh said...

wonderful post! Love the pictures and aren't you clever, making clothes for you wee ones? Absolutely lovely.

joreads said...

She is too cute

knitabulous said...

OMG he nearly escaped! Your little girl is gorgeous!