Friday, March 27, 2009

A little bit of good news....for me

Much to my delight, my little girl has decided that she likes sleeping in her own bed. A blessing for my back; which has been feeling rather crooked of late. All of a sudden, at 14 months, she has begun to sleep quite happily for two hours each afternoon as well! Quite amazing!!

While I feel ready, to now separate from her during the night, I am often surprised at how opinionated other parents are about the choices that mothers and fathers make about other children's bedtime routines.

I feel strongly that 'freedom of choice' is of paramount importance; and how long a baby shares the parental bed is a very personal and individual choice. I understand why people feel strongly about it though, ones sleep is crucial and I know quite well how exhausting little ones can be. But that shouldn't negate 'my' choice to have baby in my bed, if that is what I feel is best for baby and me.

For the first three months of her life, she slept lying on my chest all night. And no! She didn't fall off, I didn't squash her and I didn't wake up tired and sleep deprived. I loved it, not for everyone

I completely understand; but it was for me and it is a memory that I could not have deprived myself of. All of the little things; her sweet milky scent, her tiny snuffling noises and her cheeks like the slightly fluffy skin of a warm, squashy peach.

I daresay that I will not be sending her back during the night when she wakes for her 2am milk. In fact, I have - as I am typing at this very moment, one perfect little foot resting on the side of my laptop...but at least we have made the first steps toward bedtime independence: that’s a good thing.


Oh said...

How well I remember those blissful times with the babes and the man and me all sleeping soundly through the night. They were out and off on their own before we knew it, sleeping in their cribs and later juvenile beds (love those, decked out in Beatrix Potter sheets) and hubs and I did fine. Um, yeah, we have bad backs but not at all from each of the babes' first 6-7 months in our big old bed!

So glad you're enjoying all the babyhood stuff, and sharing it with us!

Paula J. said...

I fully agree with you. I too have a 14 month old, and also a 3 year old and we have shared the same bed since their births. There were never a question about it. It never felt right to have our precious newborn sleep apart from us. It also makes nursing so much easier! We just recently bought a new bed for our 3 year old, although we know she isn't ready yet. But it's there, when she is. I have found out that "pushing" the little ones into something they are not ready for, never works. Besides there's nothing like feeling warm soft snoozing babies next to you! Enjoy it while one can, because they do grow up too fast.

Oh said...

Hi, just me, checking in and I have to say I LOVE your picture here of the trees...gorgeous.