Tuesday, August 05, 2008

To Google .... or Gawk

This morning I was able to camera zoom in on someones front yard, filled with broken down cars and scrap metal, somewhere in Alaska.

The new Google Earth Street scape was released a few days ago and my goodness it has a much higher resolution than I expected!
The program lets you move your cursor into camera spheres, that your can spin around in and get a 360 degree view of house frontages, street scape's, people, cars.....

voyeuristic? Fascinating!

And from a writing perspective it really offers a unique opportunity to get an inkling into life elsewhere and to see places all over the world as they exist...not doctored or set up for the purpose of photography. The images are so clear that I was able read a lipstick add on the side a bus in New York.

However exciting, do I want my front door to be searchable? And yes, my front door is there with my car and that pile of pruning on the front lawn that didn't fit in the green waste bin a couple of months ago. (Note: Frozen images not real time)

I'm not sue what I think of it yet. On the one hand I am excited and have spent half the morning globetrotting from New york city, Japan and London to my front door in Australia. But on the flip side, what does this technology mean for world security and privacy...it is very
Sci Fi. Perhaps next we will all have GPS chips inserted under our skin allowing people to 'Google' us? Literally...

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