Sunday, July 01, 2007

The novel - An Update

I have felt somewhat uneasy with my novel of late. There are some concepts in the plot that I am not happy with at all. Although I have begun a new plot direction, it is discouraging. So late in the piece I am finding each page I turn I am further away from where I want to be. On a positive note however, the new direction has fleshed out some of the secondary characters in a way that I hadn't anticipated, and made the subplots more meaty as well.

My little one is on school holidays for the next two weeks, and I have been unwell, so I have decided to pack away the manuscript and not open up the file until he is back at school, in the hope that I will be able to start back in a better frame of mind.

Oh course, there is always one thing or another that a writer will dwell on, as an obstacle to some Divine prose that sprouts from the bowels of ones imagination. For me that obstacle is isolation, or more precisely a lack of it. And Isolation is one luxury that family life does not offer, but it is- unfortunately- something that I seem to need to focus my mind on my writing. Thank heavens, my husband is a quiet sort of man who also enjoys solitude, he is happy to sit for a long time together in silence. Although I am sure he would tell you that I am a chatterbox, and that what I write is untrue!

I suppose I am a chatterbox, but I also enjoy silence and need it to write. Since having my little boy however, my head seems always so full - like a shopping list that only ever manages to get half ticked off.

And what three year old is not a blissfully frustrating, and delightfully determined little chatterbox!

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Heddy said...

perhaps some time away from your novel is a good thing then, to help you get more settled (and maybe without the daily exposure to it, you will get an "ah-ha!" moment that will give the unity and direction you are seeking!

It will be fun too to spend lots of time on his school break with your little fella ... maybe inspiration will sprout from something you do with him!

Have you been knitting much lately? Did your ISE4 scarf arrive yet? I worry so about the reliability of the postal systems from continent to continent -- and with that, I guess I will reveal myself early, before you get your parcel.

Pal O' Yours (aka Heddy)