Friday, January 05, 2007

Diary of a Second Life: PART 1

I haven't been blogging too much of late because I have been immersed in this virtual world game called 'Second Life'. (You may of heard of it).

It's a virtual world that is built, created and animated by the residents of the world. Of which I can now proudly say, I am one!

While it can be a totally free game if you so choose. One can also invest real money and get a full registration, which entitles them the 300$Linden (being the virtual currency of the world) per week to spruce up you persons wardrobe or perhaps spend on a new hair do.

Anyway, the game is spent 'primming' (excuse the in-house-pun there Second-Lifer's) your person, land, house whatever. And exploring the world. And it is quite an amazing world too.

Sex has found a very comfortable place in this virtual world, a whole sex industry exists. From scripts for simple encounters to animate your person for kissing, or ones to make them perform sexual acts, through to the most sordid kinds of sexual fetishes.
A number of times now I have been confronted by men Avatars (the name of the people in SL) who have taken all their clothes off, insisting I look at their newly purchased willy's!
And what I am baulking at, it is not the rudeness of it, No not at all. I'm by no means a prude! But I am somewhat taken a back by the reality of this virtual world. There you are in a dark forest, with a nude stranger and wondering, even for a split second, if it is safe. I am no psychologist, but I do hope someone does a PhD of the subject, because I would love to read it.

Your all wondering what I did aren't you?

Well to tell the truth, I teleported away without saying goodbye. I have to admit, I though the Avatar was quite ugly but people! I am a married woman! And frankly, I think it is sort of, well, cheating? Mentally I mean. I know there is no real harm done by engaging and my husband certainly wouldn't leave me over a little virtual rendezvous with a cartoon bloke with a detachable willy! But nevertheless, he wouldn't be saying go for it either. I imagine he might feel betrayed.
Though I do find cybersex somewhat daggy? Is that the right word, I'm not sure. Not to mention the fact that the buff cartoon character on the screen is more than likely some Acne prone man in his bedroom with a tub of Vaseline.....

Anyway, now that I have really grossed you out. See ya

PS: I am going to have regular Second Life Tid Bits on my blog.

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