Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A new character has nosed its way in...

A new and pivotal character has nosed its way onto my pages, so late in the piece too. You know how sometimes you try to write one thing, or present a character in a particular way but your fingers won't co-operate. They type different words, they won't let your character say that 'rude' word that you had pick out for them. The dark road being spat on from above by huge drops of cold rain refuses to stay dark, instead insisting that the day be warm and bright; burning the pale skin of your protagonist.

But, in the flick of a key. The gaping holes in the story fill and the plot begins to meld in a way that it never could on that dark road. And Voila!

Well, he name is Tully. And she is more gritty than the other characters I think, and very strong. I am not yet sure of her purpose though.

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pattacake said...

A new character. Why wasn't I told about this development? do you know you have your star sign wrong on your profile ? and I should know.