Friday, September 22, 2006

A Bubble n' Squeak Post

It has been the most beautiful weather but they are saying that the bush fire season will be coming early this year, which is scary.

This is a photo I took a few days ago from my back balcony, looking across to the neightbours palm tree. How summery!

And I think the football season must have just started too!
You know what, I hate football!

Not soccer, but that Australian one with the oval shaped ball. I was just flicking channels, looking for something good to watch and I saw all these players coming onto the feild and the crowd was booing them.!!

I don't watch sport so maybe I am a bit ignorant regarding these things but I felt embarresed. What does this say about us??

But onto the really important things!


I was knitting this simple 1x1 rib scarf from some of the handspun that I used to make my sisters hat. I have run out!
Damn, and I have none of the fiber left either. I knew I wasn't going to have enough. I'm not sure why I am acting so suprised. I suppose I was hoping it was going to magicly become a 'Knit n' come again' ball of yarn. But alas, it did not.

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metal and knit said...

Let me say its the end of the football season but the start of the soccer and basketball and that boring sleepy one cricket