Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What a Day!!!

I can't believe the day that I have had!
I am exhausted!!!!!

Mr bossy boots, now 2 and 4 months, decided some 6 months ago that he no longer needs a day sleep. He fights going to sleep like a little bull - even when I take him for a drive in the car -
Sometimes when he does fall asleep it is always at about 4.30pm, and if I let him have half hour or so, then he is wide awake until all hours!

So anyway, that constant chatting that I so love first thing in the morning, and at morning tea time and at lunch.....Starts to become so exhausting by 6.00pm when Johnny gets home.

At the moment I can hear him in the bath tub (dad has him) and his loud little voice is sounding very tired, phew! LOL.

I love him to bits and pieces...But thank god it's 'beddy bye byes time'.

PS: He went to sleep at 7.30pm. Ahhhh

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