Monday, August 07, 2006

Thanks Granny!!!

Mum knit this gorgeous blanket for my little fellow and he really likes it. It has so many textures and was a real stash-buster. She has just started another one to put away for my sister.

I'm very drawn to the rustic aesthetic of the knitted square. They are so cozy and homely - we always had lots of crochet squares around and as mum made them, we would add them to the arrangement on the lounge room floor.

There are a few cabled squares in there too, and it inspired me to have a go. I have never knitted cables before and found that they were much easier than I had expected. Here is a pic of my first swatch sample - it is knit out of Cleckheaton Angora Supreme on size 5 needles
There are a few mistakes in there, but hey - It's the first sample :)

PS: I did this one with no cable needle. I found a good site with instructions.


pattacake said...

Your Pic looks so much better than mine. It looks so nice I think I might keep doing squares so I can add them as he grows so it's a full single bed blanket.

metal and knit said...

nice collection of squares great stash bust with love

Leeanne said...

I really like the blanket. It is soo co-incidental that I've made one for my little man with very similar colours as your mum has used.