Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Winter! I'm in my element...

I feel so refreshed...the cold winter tiles under my feet in the morning.
The feeling of thick wool socks on on my feet, tucked under the weight of my blankets.
The smell of hot soup bubbling on the stove and most of all; the feel of a warm, little, sleeping body cocooned in a jumpsuit. Who, I might add, learnt to say mummy properly today!
I have been 'MUM' up till now.

I feel completely in my element in the winter.

And to get into the mood, we roasted chestnuts on the barbecue this evening. We all rugged up to our eye balls and sat outside to catch the rich smell of the roasting nuts and my partner and I sipped scotch . If you have never had a Chestnut...They have a rich, creamy flesh and your peel and eat them hot, flicking them from one hand to the other so your fingers don't burn.

The knit in my first image is my current project. It is the Tzarina Wrap from Wrap style.

I didn't use the recommended yarn, I used 2 strands together of Cleckheaton Country Silk and Patons Zhivago.

It is an easy, quick knit. Hopefully I should finish at SnB on Saturday, if not prior.


the stripey tiger said...

I've never really done the chestnut thing - but it sounds really good with scotch!! The wrap is looking very grand and those colours are really working well!! :-) Thanks for yesterday! You looked so glam!

Jennifer said...

Becky, I emailed you a day or so ago. Did you get the email? Please email me and let me know. It's about the vacation swap.

knitabulous said...

Love that picture. Chestnuts, can't say I've ever eaten one on its own, must give that a try this winter.
See you at knitting tonight.