Thursday, December 01, 2005


I've been so busy lately there has been no time to sit down and blog.
My new website is going slowly, but should be up soon. Very exciting!

I really like this new Swarovski colour at the moment. It's called Crystal Copper, half is clear the other half is coloured. I am using a lot of chain lately, so maybe a choker. We'll see.
Anyway, the little one slept for three hours today! It was wonderful, pottering around - puddling through beads and sorting colours. I even enjoyed putting the clothes out really slowly! And he woke up the most delightful little one!

I've been sifting though some books, and would like to try a piece of jewellery with
a bit of bite- something a bit tricky.

Something Arthurian perhaps.

Time is the real enemy, and a nasty enemy it has been of late.

My little one has been so patient: such a kind little boy.


I decided to wash my fleece, it stunk to much basicly!

Here it is unwashed: (If only we had smellovision for computer's)

Here it is sorted into neat little piles of staples (And man was

I brutal (this is only half of it though)! Each little staple had to stand up to a very strict list of criteria, else it got tossed!

AND FINALLY - sorted, flicked and washed- TO BE CONTINUED.... (I'll take a photo of that next time

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the stripey tiger said...

The fleece looks good - I've been thinking of mine heaps but haven't done anything yet. Maybe we should catch up and do some spinning or carding next week - Monday? Friday? Would that suit you? :-) Stripey