Sunday, October 30, 2005

1st BLOG!!! (take 2)

My second, first blog. (I lost the first, first one in the deep dark blog world) so here I am again.
Once again not knowing what to write.
I missed stitch n Bitch this afternoon, which was very annoying.
But not all doom and gloom, after getting our commitments out of the way, I managed to make it up to Petlin's Spinning and Weaving supplies and pick myself up a board carder!!
An early Chrisse present from daddy dearest.
I have weak wrists and it is so much easier on the old hands than the hand cards were.
I tried blending a bit of this and that when I got home and it's just too exciting.
My fellow spinning friend and Knitster 'The Stripy Tiger' , went down to Crookwell
for a sheep shearing adventure and has returned with a fleece that we are going to split
I can't wait to wash it up and try it on the new board.
Anyway I better get to sleep, the little munchkin is starting to wriggle.


Donni said...

Well done and welcome to the birth of your second blog - see you tomorrow at your place - 7.30pm?

the stripey tiger said...

Hey Becky, Beatie Bow is one of my favorite books too! I have a signed copy that I treasure. Looking forward to seeing some photos of your stuff. :-) Stripey
PS Holler if you can't wait till Tuesday for the fleece

The Scarlet Tree said...

OH WOW! A signed copy, how really, really, cool!
Well guys i'm off to work out how to my photos on this blog thing.